Hangzhou Xiaohong Construction Group Ltd. was founded in January 1974. State Services, is a general contracting premium, water conservancy and hydropower two general contracting, housing construction and landscaping two general contracting, the contractor two bridges professional credentials, real estate, calcium, transportation technology equivalent to the construction of an integrated, cross - operation of the trade group of private enterprises. Group registered capital of 300 million yuan, subordinate real estate, transportation technology, calcium, and so companies have a total registered capital of 112.08 million yuan, reached a total registered capital of 412.08 million yuan, the existing management of all types of professional and technical personnel and 675 people, including the Senior staff of 177 titles; has total assets of 759 million yuan.It has room of the division, office, the Department of Planning, management, finance, engineering, Technology, the Ministry of Security, and other functional departments. Affiliated with real estate development, transportation technology, road works, calcium, printing a total of five independent enterprise, municipal services, such as 10 professional bridge construction companies and 16 overseas offices.
  Over the years the company in the self-improvement and constant innovation in the development of all types and has accumulated rich experience in construction and management. Formed a development of the market economy requirements, a "Xiaohong" features to dare to fight tough battles in the province and other provinces have higher visibility and credibility of the Group of social enterprises, create a better social and economic benefits. With a strong economic strength and comprehensive management capabilities, the construction of the province and other provinces have hundreds of large and medium-sized projects, with a pass rate of 100%, excellent rate of more than 60 percent, and win a lot of awards. Access to the "Yongjiang Cup," "West Lake Cup," "Gold Medal of municipal projects," "Qianjiang Cup," "National Customer Satisfaction Project," the "departmental standards of Quality Award", "Chinese gold trophy Services Demonstration Project" and many more the national, provincial and municipal quality works.   Construction companies in many areas across the market expansion is not only the construction business are all over the province, the region and the province has offices in the provinces, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tibet, Fuzhou, Anhui Province, Harbin, Qingdao and Guangdong, and construction markets, and achieved a good market effect. In 1999 the company adopted GB/T19002 Quality System Certification, 2002 through GB/T19001 for Quality Management System version audit in July 2004 through GB/TT28001 occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system audit GB/T24001, access authentication system certificate. And the pursuit of continuous improvement and ensure customer satisfaction.
  Company Focused on enterprise development, and conscientiously do a good job of party building work. Group to establish party committees in 2002, currently has 156 members who belong to the party committee under 11 party branches, a full-time deputy secretary of the party committees, with the actual enterprise management, and conscientiously do a good job of party building work, the youth leagues related work, promoting the development of enterprises, and achieved good results, the group of party committees for five consecutive years and was named Binjiang District of Hangzhou "grass-roots party organizations."
  In the development of the company has created a good brand image. For eight consecutive years been identified as the "Shou-credit contract", "AAA credit-enterprises" in 2004 in Zhejiang Province was identified as the "Shou-credit contract unit", in 2007 through the renewal of recognition for the beginning of 2004 was recognized as the "credit class AAA enterprises. " Also have access to the national Ministry of Construction "project quality is outstanding enterprises," "Hangzhou civilized units", "construction advanced enterprises in Zhejiang Province," "private economy in Zhejiang Province brand model enterprise" and many honorary; chairman and managing director Yu others will have access to the "Hangzhou model workers", "Zhejiang outstanding township entrepreneurs," and "national excellent operator", "National township entrepreneurs," and "China Business Master", the third of China's reform and the "10 best influential Intake and New Rising "Honor.
  Group through decades of accumulation and development in order to "standardize the process, product excellence; continuous improvement, integrity services" as quality, "quality in the market, brands participating in the competition, create management efficiency, service to win the trust of users" for business principles, "the customer is supreme, credibility of the first" enterprise purpose, adhere to the "based Kangcheng, and the province, to the" development approach, advocating defend "solidarity, and continuously exceeded; self-actualization, create brilliant" entrepreneurial spirit, as always, with the new and old friends sincere cooperation, and we welcome the community negotiate FuTian Building Site A of the business.
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